Transport and Warehouse Operations Supervisor

Level 3 Apprenticeship

Qualification level: 3
Typical duration: 12 months
Apprenticeship category: Transport and logistics

Manage the day to day operations involved in supply chain.

This occupation is found in the Transport and Warehousing sector. It is found across a range of different types of organisations and employers such as hauliers, storage and warehouse operators, couriers, retailers and utilities.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to manage the day to day operations involved in supply chain, ensuring activity, personnel and/or vehicles meet customer expectations along with regulatory and legal requirements. The standard allows you to specialise in one of two areas; the transport supervisor ensures the safe and compliant utilisation of all drivers and equipment whilst the warehouse supervisor ensures the provision of a professional incoming goods, storage and dispatch service to customers.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with a range of stakeholders across a number of organisations and professions. Both Transport and Warehousing Supervisors would lead a team which would vary in size depending on the organisation and have regular engagement with external customers and third party agents. In larger organisations the roles would have regular communication with internal functions such as Accounts and HR. In smaller organisations both Transport and Warehousing Supervisors may carry out some of the everyday tasks accounting and human resource activities.  A Transport Supervisor would also have contact with various regulators and enforcement organisations.

At this level Transport and Warehouse Supervisors are integral to successful daily operations in a fast paced and varied environment.
An employee in this occupation will be responsible for applying their knowledge and expertise to managing their own work with a high level of autonomy and leading a team to effectively and efficiently deliver departmental and organisational objectives. Transport and Warehouse supervisors have to keep up to date with recent transport regulations and legislation as well as having an awareness of best practice transport and warehousing operations to ensure compliant, secure and safe working within the organisations policy and procedures.

Transport and Warehouse Supervisors specialise in either transport operations or warehouse operations however there are many shared skills across both of these specialities. This Apprenticeship Occupational Standard takes a core and options approach.  All apprentices will complete the core and must select the one most appropriate option to their role from the transport or warehouse supervisor route.

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