Academic Appeals Policy

Framework through which candidates can make appeals on academic grounds

This policy applies to all staff employed by Merlin Supply Chain Solutions or Sub-Contractors engaged on behalf of, where the qualification is delivered regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, age or sexual orientation, who assess candidates’ work.

Merlin Supply Chain Solutions aims to uphold the highest standards of teaching and learning, including accuracy in the awarding of grades to all learners in accordance with awarding body guidelines and the criteria for assessment/grading that apply to assessments.

The company also acknowledges the right of all candidates to make appeals against assessment/ academic decisions with regard to both internally and externally assessed work, and for these appeals to be heard and considered fairly and free from prejudice.


This Policy aims to:

  • Provide a framework through which candidates can make appeals on academic grounds
  • Set out the rights and responsibilities of the candidate and the company in matters regarding appeals against grading decisions
  • Ensure that the processes for dealing with academic/ assessment appeals are fair and free from prejudice

Dissemination to all relevant persons i.e. candidates and staff is the responsibility of the Head of Training.
The delivery and training team are to ensure that all candidates are aware of their right to appeal all academic decisions.
Non-compliance with this policy may result in candidates rights to academic appeals being compromised and can invoke the Staff Disciplinary Policy and the Student Disciplinary Policy.


That in the assessment, grading or marking, the stipulated assessment procedure was not followed

  • Information is or was available which could have had a bearing on the assessment, grade or mark, but which was not taken into account by the examining board/assessors or was unreasonably rejected

Appeals against Marks/Grades Awarded By External Bodies

  • Where a candidate is appealing against a grade or a result of an external test/examination, the candidate must lodge the appeal through the Centre Administration Office. Candidates will be required to sign to say that they are seeking an appeal, and follows the procedure of the relevant Awarding Body/Organisation.
  • The Examination Officer will notify the candidate of the details of the appeals process, including time-scales and costs where applicable, and take action as required according to the regulations of the awarding body. The centre will monitor the response of the awarding body and advise the student of the outcome.
  • Where an awarding body has an appeals procedure covering aspects of internal assessment, the Head of Training will inform the candidate of their rights. The appeals procedure will be explained during course induction/enrolment and further details can be found in the course handbook (if one is issued).

All appeals against an internal assessment or grading decision will be subject to the following staged procedure

Stage 1 – INSTRUCTOR/ASSESSOR/TRAINERThe candidate must lodge notice of an appeal, in writing or via email, to his/her Personal

  • Instructor/Assessor/Trainer within 3 working days of receiving the assessment/assignment/examination results, stating the grounds for the appeal. In extenuating circumstances, such as authorised illness, holiday or absence, an appeal after this time would be considered
  • Within the appeals procedure, the Personal Instructor/Assessor/Trainer will investigate the circumstances of the appeal and reconsider the assessment decision with reference to the assessment criteria and in consultation with the internal verifier.
  • The Personal Instructor/Assessor/Trainer will notify the candidate in writing of the outcome within 5 normal college working days.
  • In cases where the candidate remains dissatisfied with the outcome of stage 1, she/he may progress the appeal to stage 2

Stage 2 – Internal Quality Assurance Manager ·

  • The candidate must appeal in writing or via email, to the Quality Manager (Stuart McDonagh) within 5 working days of receiving notification of the decision in Stage 1.
  • After investigating all the circumstances of the appeal, the Head of Training will notify the candidate of the outcome, in writing, within 5 working days.
  • In cases where the candidate remains dissatisfied with the outcome of stage 2, she/he may progress the appeal to stage 3


  • If you are still not satisfied after Stages 1 and 2 of the procedure have been completed, The candidate must appeal in writing or via email, to the Managing Director of Merlin Supply Chain Solutions within 5 working days of receipt of the decision from stage 2, he will then organise an Appeals Panel for consideration of your appeal.
  • The Appeals Panel shall meet within the next 10 working days.
  • The panel will consist of the Managing Director (Andy Frost), Assessor/Trainer, Head of Training (Michelle Fox), Apprenticeship Manager (Stuart McDonagh). The candidate will be invited and may be accompanied by another person for support. The meeting will review the evidence for the appeal and the outcomes from stages 1 and 2, together with other such reports, records and assessments which may be necessary to reach a decision.
  • The decision of the Appeals Panel will be final as far as the Company is concerned.

If you are still not satisfied following our internal appeals procedure, you have the right to contact the Awarding Organisation directly. Details of the Awarding Body will be issued to the learner upon request.

Should you address your appeal to the Awarding Body and you remain unhappy with the outcome you may then raise your appeal to the relevant qualification regulator. Either a representative of Merlin Supply Chain Solutions or Awarding Body will be able to offer you guidance on the appropriate qualification regulator in each instance and provide the contact details.

tuart McDonagh – Apprenticeship Manager – 01536 533533
Head of Training – Michelle Fox – 01536533533
Managing Director – Andy Frost – 01536 533533

Version 3 / Control date: July 2023 / Policy author(s) Staurt McDonagh / Review date: August 2024